Defence personnel across all sectors are exposed to extremely stressful and unique situations that often lead to complex post-traumatic stress disorders.


These situations can often lead to addiction issues which if left untreated or unresolved can have a drastic impact on not only service personnel, but the families and friends that love them. 


Reaching out and taking the first step towards recovery with a program that has unique aspects to assist in dealing with these specific issues faced by these incredible men and women is the best decision you can make towards getting your life back on track.


Many armed services personell experience: 


  • Deployments across the globe

  • Classified operations that make it difficult to talk

  • Death or serious injury to comrades or civilians

  • Long hours and lack of sleep

  • The aftermath of devastating natural disasters both nationally and internationally

  • Violence and cruelty

  • Shattered lives

  • Adrenaline surged situations

  • Physical pain from on-the-job injuries

  • Loss of family and difficulty reconnecting with loved ones on return back home


Many turn to alcohol or other drugs to help cope, and many try to manage their drug and alcohol addiction on their own because of the shame or stigma associated with addiction or fear of losing their career.


You and your family deserve it to see that you get the help you need before its too late. Let Wairua help you get your life back on track.