Wairua is a healing environment. The basic philosophy is to remove distractions while presenting avenues of growth. This is not a vacation, spa or workout camp. Wairua is designed to allow you the best possible chance to stay sober through connecting with a large number of recovering individuals.


What to bring

  • Comfortable clothes appropriate for the season.

  • Toiletries.

  • While we provide all linen, feel free to bring your own.

  • If you take any prescribed medications, please bring enough for 30 days. The prescription needs to be current, with the doctor’s name and number. Please have your medications blister packed.

  • There will be opportunities for weekly shopping, so bring any money you think you will need.

  • A blank notebook or journal, pens, pencil, highlighters.

  • If you smoke, bring cigarettes.

  • Bring some form of identification (ID) for our records, such as a drivers license or passport.

  • You may bring any soft drinks that you like and you may keep them in our fridge.


What NOT to bring

  • Please do not bring a vehicle. There is no long-term parking available.

  • Please do not bring stereos and/or speakers. Headphones are to be used for personal use.

  • Please do not bring ANYTHING that has alcohol as an ingredient. This includes items such as mouthwash, perfume, hairspray, methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol.

  • No medications unless prescribed by a doctor (see above). You may bring vitamins.

  • No pornography.

  • No clothing with alcohol and/or drug images/messages.

  • No energy drinks.

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Wairua, 1002 Tirau Road, Karapiro, Waikato, NZ

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